Mobirise website creation software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a mobile friendly website?

A: If you can view your website on an mobile device like a phone and the site is easy to read and navigate without pinching and zooming, then it’s likely mobile friendly.

Q: But I already have a mobile friendly website, isn’t that good enough?

A: No. According to the 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report and The US Mobile App Report, only 12% of mobile clients use their devices browser but 88% will use an app if you have one on their devices.

Q: Is this a real Apple or Android app?

A: Absolutely, our apps are 100% native code, approved by Apple and Google Play for use on their stores and have downloaded by 1000’s.

Q: Who ‘owns’ the app?

A: You do! It’s your app, it’s your name, it’s your logo and brand, it’s your product. We only assemble it and submit it to the stores for you at an incredibly reduced price!

Q: When I make changes to my website, will I also need you to change the app?

A: No. The changes you make on your website are instantly available on our app. You will not need our services again once the app is ‘alive’ on the Stores. The cost you pay today to have your website managed is the same you’ll pay tomorrow with our app, not one penny more - totally maintenance free.

Q: Will you customize the app if I request it?

A: Yes. Our team of developers will help make this app your own but at a fraction of the cost that you’d find anywhere.

Q: What does the app consist of?

A: There are two parts, the app portion which contains some introductory swiping pages and then there’s your mobile friendly website. Think of our app as a wrapper containing your mobile friendly website.

Q: How long will it take for my app to be published and available to download?

A: Once we assemble the app and you approve of it’s content, it generally takes less than 7 days for approval on the app stores.